How to Make a Magnetic Spice Rack (Plus a free Printable!)

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 What do you have in your cabinet?

My cabinets were getting pretty cluttered with all kinds of spices after being married for 5 years. My husband loves to grill and has acquired several bottles of meat rubs and olive oils, and anything else that catches his eye.
 It’s wonderful!
Except for the fact that I couldn’t find any specific spice without knocking three or four others out. I never knew if i was out of something or if it was hidden behind the giant bottle of brisket rub.

But I had an idea…

I started looking online and found these two spice racks that I really liked that I thought would not take up much room.
                                                       How to make a magnetic spice rack                How to make a magnetic spice rack
I liked the first one from Wilo Design Farm but I wasn’t sure how to make all of those compartments. And what is the point of a do-it-yourself project if you can’t do-it-yourself? So then I thought the second at Paint Speckled Pawprints one looked great and I would just do that.
But THEN I found this frame when I was cleaning out the garage.
How to make a magnetic spice rack

It was gold and apparently it used to hang in my parents’ bathroom.
It is a 12 X 15 frame and I thought it would work perfectly to make my own magnetic spice rack!


I painted it with primer. To be honest, I think it looked good with just the primer.
But I already knew in my head what color I was going to paint it and there was no turning back!

This is the kind of primer I used. I know nothing really about primer except that you should use it to help the paint stick to whatever you are painting. However, I do know that you are supposed to get grey primer when you are painting something a bright color because it takes less coats than if you used white primer. I read that this “Gripper” from Glidden is a very good one to try.


So then I painted it this lovely green color called “Sultana” by Martha Stewart. I know it looks yellow in the picture!
I just got a new camera and I haven’t figured out everything about it yet…
Here is a closer look at the frame. I think it has some pretty nifty detailing around it. After the paint dried I sprayed it with sealer.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I don’t have pictures of the next part but it involved sheet metal and metal snippers. I bought a small sheet of metal that was 12 X 18 inches big and had to cut it down to size. The sheet of metal was $5. One word of wisdom – measure TWICE, cut ONCE. That’s right, I had to go right back to Home Depot and buy the remaining sheet of metal.
Once I had it snipped to the right size, I just put it in the frame and my spice rack was ready to go!


I love these spice tins and clear spice labels.  
They can be found at Amazon but I got them at The Container Store. At $5.99 for 3, they are a bit pricey but totally worth it because they have lids that turn so that you can sprinkle the spices out. There is a bigger hole if you want more to come out. Or you can take the whole lid off if you are using a measuring spoon. Also, there was already a magnet on the back of each tin which saved me the trouble of buying them and gluing them on. And… if I had bought just the regular tins, the shipping would have made them cost just as much. So there. Justified.


How to make a magnetic spice rack


See those letter? I got those at Michael’s. They are stuck to the wall with two-faced tape. I spray-painted them red to match a few other things in my kitchen. I’m hoping to change the curtains at some point so they’ll fit in better.

How to make a magnetic spice rack

I think it looks lovely and furthermore, it is practical!

Free Download!

Do you need some recipes for some spice mixes?
Click HERE to get 6 of the most commonly used spice mixes (hamburgers, chili, steak, etc).

Have a great day!


— JKMayfield

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